Claire taunts Steve (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.

Plot Edit

As Steve going back to Claire, she is taunting him by saying, Do you want me to take care of you, little boy? Steve then head back to the door.

Transcript Edit

Case 1
Claire Redfield: Do you want me to take care of this for you, little boy?

Case 2
Claire Redfield: What's wrong? Cold feet?

Case 3
Claire Redfield: You're not done yet...

Case 4
Claire Redfield: You still have plenty of ammo, and you don't have to worry about holding back.

パターン 1
Claire Redfield: お姉さんが代わってあげましょうか?

パターン 2
Claire Redfield: どうしたの? 恐くなったの?

パターン 3
Claire Redfield: もうお終いなの?

パターン 4
Claire Redfield: 弾はたっぷりあるわ。思う存分やりなさい

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