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The Classic Launcher is an exclusive DLC weapon for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Its unlock code is obtained through the completion of a clue for Inserted Evil, much like the exclusive Matilda. It can also be unlocked by purchasing the special edition of the game. This weapon is now available via DLC in the Classic weapons pack.


The only real advantage the Classic Launcher has over the Hk-p is that players may select the classic launcher as their primary weapon at the start of the mission, whereas the normal grenade laucher can only be found during a mission. The Classic Launcher has 5-round magazine in campaign mode and 4 rounds in multiplayer modes.


"The Classic Launcher is a single-shot vintage grenade launcher that fires explosive rounds."
— In Game Description
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It shares the thumbhole stock of the other grenade launcher, but has a scope as well as multiple tactical rails.

"Old but reliable - if aiming isn't your thing, then this launcher could be your best friend. Just don't use it on 'something that's really close."