Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The cleanup operation was a Raccoon Police Department specialist operation to terminate the zombie outbreak that infested Raccoon City on Friday 25 September 1998.


The operation was separated into two objectives:

  1. To rig an explosive device near the town square and
  2. To evacuate any civilians they come across.[1]


Beginning the operation with six police officers (Harry, Elliott and Eric rigged the bomb while Dorian, Raymond Douglas and Arthur evacuated the civilians).

The evacuation went awry near J's Bar when the zombies overwhelmed and killed Arthur and attacked several civilians while the police were still setting a blockade up with their cars. Raymond would later be killed near a flood bank, saving three survivors in the process. His last words allowed his death to be avenged. He told the survivors to set fire to a fuel truck which killed his attackers as well as stopping him from coming back. The explosion also caused a fire in the nearby Apple Inn.

The survivors joined with two others and travelled with Dorian in a SWAT van before another barricade cut their escape short. Three of the survivors went to Main Street over a bridge to where the rest of the operation was taking place.

When they got there, they found literally thousands of zombies behind a barricade while Eric was busy constructing the Detonator. He completed it too late to use it as the zombie horde burst through the barricade and overwhelmed him in seconds. Elliott, attempting to save Eric was bitten on the neck from behind and also killed. Harry who was near the bridge when it happened was picking the zombies off with his handgun when the survivors arrived. Re-attaching the detonator's handle with its main unit, they triggered the explosion that left thousands of zombies dead and a line of destruction that put Main Street out of action.

Shortly afterwards, RPD reinforcements arrived on Main Street and outside the Apple Inn (in the Apple Inn's case, the Fire department was also present) consisting of at least 30 Police officers and several SWAT vans. After rescuing the remaining survivors in the area, they headed back to the Raccoon Police Station.

Further notes

In the English localization, the term "cleanup operation" (掃討作戦?) was replaced with an actual name for the mission - "Operation: Mop-Up".


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