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The 1F corridor (1F廊下?) is a corridor that appears on the first floor of the Saint Micheal Clock Tower featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


A corpse can be found wrapped around with webs. The corridor is a zig-zag passage that connecting the study and the Storeroom.


Body, containing grenade Rounds

Body with Grenade Rounds.

The corridor is filled with spider webs that cover the floors, corners, and ceilings of the room. In the corner of the corridor, a mercenary can be seen entangled in the webbing. Upon examination of his body, the player will notice that he died of poisoning and can find one pack of Grenade Rounds. Jill's enemies for this room are three Giant Spiders.

Playing as Carlos, his foes in this rooms are random: three Giant Spiders or three Drain Deimos.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking the corpse wrapped around with webs His face is twisted with an expression of pain. He seems to have died from poisoning... 苦しんだ表情をしている 毒に冒されて死んだようだ