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The balcony (バルコニー Barukonī?)[1] is an area of the St. Michael Clock Tower in Raccoon City.


There a few projectors on this balcony for light spotting the clock's face. They can be switch on by the light panel near the ladder. Also, there's a wet floor near the door, because of the fallen pot and poured water.


Two Red Herbs can be found in this room.[1] The Nemesis-T Type will appear after the bell is rung.

There's a key ornament on the wall. The Bezel Key can lower the ladder and give the access to the third floor.

After returning to the door, that leads to the 2F corridor, Nemesis will appear and the live selection also. The choices are:

  • Use the light. Jill switches on the light, blinding the Nemesis and then pushes him off from the edge of the balcony;
  • Use the cord. Jill pulls off the cord attached to the projector and throws it to the water, poured on the floor. The electricity discharge knocks Nemesis out for some time. Also, a gift from the defeated Nemesis can be gained by that way, but he will wake up soon and pursue Jill in the other rooms.
  • Wait until time ends. The battle with Nemesis will occur.

The best prize the player can achieve from Nemesis here is the First Aid Box.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking the collapsed vase The floor is wet. 床が水でぬれている
Checking the railing near the door It seems to be aged and crumbling. 古びてもろくなっているようだ
Checking the lights A fixture that lights the hour plate of the clock. 時計塔の文字盤を照らす照明だ
The switch for the lights Will you push the switch? Yes/No スイッチを押しますか? Yes/No
The switch for the lights (after using the cord option for Nemesis) It seems to have been shorted out. ショートしてしまったようだ
The Key hole (With the Clock T.Key)

There's a key hole on the ornamental copper plate. Will you use the Clock T.Key? Yes/No

(Yes) You no longer need this key. Will you discard it? Yes/No

装飾の銅板にかぎ穴が開いている 時計塔のカギを使いますか? Yes/No このカギはもう必要ないようだ すてますか? Yes/No
Ladder to the 3F Machinery Room Will you go up the ladder? Yes/No ハシゴを上りますか? Yes/No




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