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Bedroom (寝室?) is an area of the St. Michael Clock Tower.



This is the starting point after the arriving on the tram car, if Jill decides to jump from the window on the live selection screen. Two jars of Gun Powder A and two jars of Gun Powder B can be randomly found in this room. If they don't appear in this area, they will be in the Chapel. After passing some distance from the crashed tram car a cutscene will occur, where four zombies coming out from the fire and trying to attack the character.

Key behind the picture

Key behind the picture

Also, a necessary key can be found in this room behind the picture. If this room is the starting point, than it'll be the Winder Key. And if the Courtyard are the starting point for Jill, than it'll be the Bezel Key.

When playing as Carlos, some monsters will re-appear here: another four Zombies or two Zombie Dogs.


Location Localization Original Script
Broken door It's cracked and it won't open. ヒビが入っていて開かない
The small shelf (After the Key is taken) There's nothing more. もう何もない
The Drawers Someone has made a mess inside the drawer. 引き出しの中が荒らされている