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The courtyard (中庭 Nakaniwa?)[1] is an area of the St. Michael Clock Tower in Raccoon City.



If the player chose to use the emergency brake, Jill will appear here. Eight Crows or three Zombie Dogs are the enemies for this area. Three Green Herbs and two Blue Herbs can be found here.

If Jill starts from this point, then the door leading to Hall will be closed from the other side. If Jill starts from the Bedroom, the door leading to the Dance hall is closed from the other side.

Once the player has rung the Clock Tower bell and returned to the main lobby, Nemesis will appear and a FMV will play, which can be named after the OST it's uses "From Relief To Terror". After that Jill must fight him. Jill will be under the unique 'Virus' status during the battle. If the player's starting point after cable car crash was this place, then Carlos will destroy Nemesis' rocket launcher and became unconscious after the monster's shot. If the player's starting point was the Bedroom, then Carlos will appear only after the fight with Nemesis, who can use his rocket launcher in that battle. Although, after Nemesis if defeated he will fall down in the place, where the fire is burning. Jill can't stand also, because of her wounds and the Virus state. In both cases, Carlos helps her to get the Chapel.

Once the player has defeated Nemesis, he/she will not be able to return to this area.


Location Localization Original script
Door to the main/dance room (circumstances) It's locked from the other side. 向こうからカギがかかっている




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