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Closed door11

Closed door

If Jill's starting point is the Tower Gardens, than the door, leading to the Tower Dining Room is closed and the Winder Key is necessary to open it.

After re-entering this room from the Tower Chapel and going a little further, a cutscene will occur, where zombies will surround Jill, breaking the windows of the room.

Playing as Carlos, another four zombies will be present in that room. Also, the interior is changed after the helicopter crash - the building is on fire outside. The access to the Tower Gardens is denied from that point because of a broken door.

If Carlos hasn't fought the Nemesis and reached that point, the monster will also enter that area running through the flames in the windows or breaking  the door down from the Tower Dining Room, when he is ahead of Carlos. The monster will start to break the door to the Tower Chapel, where Jill is. If he succeeds, the game will end, showing Nemesis killing Jill.

Playing as Jill again, there will be fight with Nemesis in this room. He will destroy the door leading to the dining room and enter that area on the cutscene or run into the room through the flames outside the building, if the door has already been destroyed by him. The monster will lack about 40% of his HP, if Carlos knocked him out before. After that battle, Jill can obtain the Assault Rifle or Infinite Bullets (depending on previous game completions) on Hard Mode.

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