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The 1F Tower Lobby is the main lobby for the lower level of the Saint Michael Clock Tower in Resident Evil 3. The main lobby contains many ornate and prestigious furniture and light fixtures around the area. On either side of the set of the stairs, there are two music boxes that play the melody of the Clock Tower and provide the players with clues on solving the tower's puzzle in the attic of the building.

On the floor near a table, a dead U.B.C.S. member can be found. By examining his body, Jill can pick up a Mine Thrower on the Hard difficulty. On Easy Mode, Shotgun Shells can be found here. There also lies a map and First Aid Spray on the table near the corpse.

Later in the game after Jill has activated the Clock Tower's signal, a couple of choppers will arrive at the Clock Tower in order to aid in Jill's distress call. However, Nemesis shoots down the choppers with his Rocket Launcher, causing them to crash into the Clock Tower. After Jill defeats Nemesis, the whole Clock Tower will be on fire. As a result of the crash, the entire upper level and courtyard entrance will be inaccessible due to the destruction caused by the crash.

When Carlos returns with the Vaccine through this area, he will encounter the Nemesis here in his second form. He'll showily jump from the second floor breaking the wall there. Carlos can fight him here or can escape for helping Jill. Anyway, he can't completely defeat him here. Knocking him out, the monster will lack about 40% of his HP, when a fight with Jill will occur near the Chapel. Nemesis can leave this fight and head to his main target - Jill Valentine. Also, if Carlos enters the Tower Study, while Nemesis is still on his feets, a cutscene will play, where he can hear the monster approaches Jill.


  • While completing different tasks in the Clock Tower, Jill and Carlos can examine the dead U.B.C.S. member body and will note the different expressions and hardships that the body has gone through.
  • Carlos can pick up the First Aid Spray, if Jill doesn't.
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