The machine room (機械室 kikai-shitsu?) is an area of the St. Michael Clock Tower in Raccoon City.



This room contains an Item Box and a Typewriter. The title on the save screen is "Machinery Room". There is a music box here with the puzzle. When Jill has solved it, she can obtain Chronos Chain for creation of the Chronos Key. There is a gadget in the end of the room. To activate the bells, it's necessary to put the Chronos Gear in it.

Also, it is possible to obtain two jars of Gun Powder A here or one pack of Mine Thrower Rounds randomly.


Location Localization Original Script
Music Box A music box with elaborate ornamentation. There are switches marked A to F. Will you operate the switches? Yes/No
Music Box (Yes) Move it up or down.

Switch A? Up Dn. Next End

Switch B? Up Dn. Next End

Switch C? Up Dn. Next End

Switch D? Up Dn. Next End

Switch E? Up Dn. Next End

Switch F? Up Dn. Play Next End

Checking the shelf Some well-maintained old machinery.
Checking the machinery gadget A beautifully ornamented gadget.
Checking the machinery gadget (Once the Chronos gear is put) The gear wheels are turning.



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