The Study is an area of Saint Micheal Clock Tower featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.



View of the corridor is changed

If Jill's starting point is the Bedroom, than enters the room, the player will hear a strange noise and the angle of the camera will change. Going a little further, Jill will meet Carlos Oliveira. After their dialogue, he'll give her a gift - one pack of Freeze Rounds.

Some Grenade Rounds can be found in that room at random. If they don't, their location is the Dining room. If Jill's starting point is Courtyard, than four Zombies, or a recovering amount of Little Spiders after re-entering, will be present.

The door to the rear corridor is locked. It can only be opened by the Chronos Key.

Playing as Carlos, four zombies will be present. He can pick up the Ink Ribbon in this room, if Jill doesn't.


Location Localization Original Script
The door to the 1F corridor (Without the Chronos Key) It's locked. The God of Time is etched under the key hole.
The door to the 1F corridor (With the Chronos Key) You've used the Chronos Key. You no longer need this key. Will you discard it? Yes/No
Checking the messy book shelf Old books are scattered here.
Checking the row of book shelf There's nothing suspicious here.




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