For the 1998 version, see Cog Room.

The Clock Tower is a location in the Resident Evil 2 remake.



This is one of the rooms where one of the Power Panel Parts is located. In order to get here however, the Mechanic Jack Handle needs to be acquired so the shelves at the Library can be pushed.

The Large Gear is required here - it needs to be placed on the gear to the right when entering the room, this will open the way to the 4F area of this room, grab the Large Gear back and head to the new area. Up there, the Small Gear can be picked up from a second gear, this opens the way for the Large Gear to be placed.

The Small Gear should then be placed onto the gears located at the lower floor of the room, this will make the bell toll and the Boxed Electronic Part will fall down to the ground next to the Repair Plan file.

Additionally, at the back of the 3F area of this room there is a door that leads to a dead end, this dead end has one Gunpowder (Large) and a Mr. Raccoon sitting to its left side, on the window.


Further notes

  • This is one of the rooms in the game where the Tyrant cannot enter.
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