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Cobalt was a survivor of the 2002 global T-Virus pandemic and a member of Doc's group. She is a guard stationed at a large building in Raccoon City where several survivors have taken refuge.


Cobalt was a minor character that helped guard the 1st floor of the building her and hundreds of others were staying in. An original survivor from the 2002 global pandemic, she is proficient with weapons and is one of the people brave enough to help defend her home from the army of Undead that were going to eradicate them. She is stationed at a large building at Raccoon City where they are under Doc's leadership.

Meeting Alice


She is among the members of the group who hold Alice at gunpoint when she awakens. After the situation is defused, she is among the survivors when Razor spots Umbrella's convoy with a horde of Undead following them. When Christian threatens to kill Alice over his distrust for her, Cobalt and several other soldiers hold him in gunpoint, before Doc defuses the tension. As Umbrella's army approaches, Cobalt and Razor ask Alice on what they should do; Alice replies that they will kill every last one of them.


As Umbrella attacks, Cobalt is stationed at the first floor as she and several survivors fend off the Undead from the main entrance. After the Undead infiltrate the building, she alongside other guards attempt to barricade the first floor, where she is situated in the far left.

She is eventually killed after a huge number of Undead breached the barricade she was defending alone. She puts up a fight by killing some that breached through while holding the barricade. Unfortunately, an Undead pulls her from her position to the side and bites her neck, ravaging her and killing her instantly.


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