The Cobra Mart bioterrorist attack (tentative) was a bioterrorist attack that occurred prior to 2012 which took place at the Cobra Mart shopping mall somewhere in the United States. Intentionally perpetrated by an unidentified terrorist group, they released a small variety of t-Virus based B.O.W.s into the mall to apparently cause a panic as well as mass casualties.


Sometime between 2010-2012, the BSAA responded to an act of bioterrorism on Cobra Mart shopping mall located somewhere in the United States. While the local law enforement dealt with maintaining a safe perimeter between the public outside and the mall, the BSAA was sent inside to neutralize all B.O.W.s released by the an unidentified terrorist group to cause mass panic and casualties to all who were inside of the mall upon their release.

Notable BSAA members who were present at this incident were Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans and Merah Biji. During their sweep of the mall, the three worked together to erradicate the various groups of bioweapons present, this included Cerberus, Hunters, Giant Spiders and Chimera.


While the general outcome of this incident is never seen, it was apparently a very successful mission due to the lack of any further outbreak into the surrounding city. The noticeable lack of corpses and/or Zombies inside of the mall also implies the amount of casualties to have been very scarce as well.


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