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Cockroaches (ラージローチ rāji-rōchi?) (Abbreviated as "Roaches") are a common arthropod in North America, residing primarily in an urban environment. It makes sense, therefore, that they are encountered in urban-based viral outbreaks such as those in Raccoon City and on Sheena Island. But they don't seem to have been affected in Rockfort Island Incident.

Biology and behaviour[]

Cockroaches show little-to-no change in their body or intelligence when infected with the t-Virus.

Common cockroaches infected with the t-Virus covered the sewers of Raccoon City and Sheena Island. Although generally harmless, when larger 'roaches get together; they can pose a threat to Humans,[notes 1] and were responsible for the near-total extermination of Raccoon City's rat population; the rat being its main form of sustenance.[1][2] These creatures have been known to use cannibalism as a way of accessing nutrients.[3]

A cockroach was infected with an unidentified virus which allowed Dr. Cameron to take control of it. She controlled the creature up until she saw a Rat, to which she passed on the virus. A cockroach infected with the Uroboros Virus also grew to a humanoid size and had large arms that had sharps talons and could impale victims within range, see the Reaper.


Further notes[]

Notes and Sources[]

  1. At one point in the Sewers section of Resident Evil 2, you will be forced through a ventilation shaft where large Cockroaches will gang up on you
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