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Cockroaches (ラージローチ rāji-rōchi?) (Abbreviated as "Roaches") are a common arthropod in North America, residing primarily in an urban environment. It makes sense, therefore, that they are encountered in urban-based viral outbreaks such as those in Raccoon City and on Sheena Island. But they don't seem to have been affected in Rockfort Island Incident.

Biology and behaviour

Cockroaches show little-to-no change in their body or intelligence when infected with the t-Virus.

Common cockroaches infected with the t-Virus covered the sewers of Raccoon City and Sheena Island. Although generally harmless, when larger 'roaches get together; they can pose a threat to Humans,[notes 1] and were responsible for the near-total extermination of Raccoon City's rat population; the rat being its main form of sustenance.[1][2] These creatures have been known to use cannibalism as a way of accessing nutrients.[3]

A cockroach was infected with an unidentified virus which allowed Dr. Cameron to take control of it. She controlled the creature up until she saw a Rat, to which she passed on the virus. A cockroach infected with the Uroboros Virus also grew to a humanoid size and had large arms that had sharps talons and could impale victims within range, see the Reaper.


Further notes

Notes and Sources

  1. At one point in the Sewers section of Resident Evil 2, you will be forced through a ventilation shaft where large Cockroaches will gang up on you
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