Cocoon in the Cockpit (コクピットのカギ?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Leon Chapter 4.


Leon and Helena are riding a plane to China, with Helena returning to her seat. They have entered the airspace above their destitnation. Helena wonders why Leon didn't just turn her in and clear his name. Leon tells her it wouldn't have stopped Simmons, joking that she's starting to grow on him. The plane shakes, prompting them to check on the pilot. Inside the cockpit, they find a dead agent and the plane on autopilot. Worse, there's a cocoon where the pilot was. It hatches into another B.O.W. like the one at Tall Oaks Cathedral.


  • Leon's back is to the television screens showing the BSAA coverage in China, leaving him unaware of Chris's involvement.


June 30, 2013
Lanshiang Airspace, China

Helena: "We just entered Chinese airspace."

Leon: "Good. How're you holdin' up?"

Helena: "Why didn't you turn me in? You could have cleared your name."

Leon: "Maybe, but it wouldn't have stopped Simmons. Besides, you're starting to grow on me a little bit."

Leon: "Helena..."

Leon: "You don't suppose that thing can fly a plane, do you?"

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