Code Veronica Report is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.



After many long years of research, I finally identified the inheritance element that determined the intelligence of man. I even succeeded in manipulating the absolute value of intelligence artificially, by recomposing the base alignment of the element, I then sampled the gene of our great ancestor, manipulated its element, then implanted it into the unfertilized egg of a surrogate mother. What I didn't expect was that twins, a boy and a girl, would be born. The boy had higher intelligence than normal, but not high enough fro him to be considered a genius. However, the girl had unmatched intelligence that easily allowed her to be classified as a genius. She was exactly what I had been looking for, the revival of our great ancestor. I have already found suitable names for each of them, the girl shall be Alexia, and the boy, Alfred. I'm certain that Alexia will elevate the name of the Ashford family to extreme glory.

Alexander Ashford

長年に渡る研究により、知能を司る遺伝因子を特定できた。その因子の塩基配列を組み替える事によって人工的に知能の絶対値を操作する事に成功したのだ。 私は、偉大なる始祖の遺伝子を基にその因子を操作して、代理母体の未受精卵に移植した。

予定外だったのは、男女の双子が生まれてきたことだ。 男児の方は、普通より知能は高いが天才ではなかった。 しかし、女児は史上類を見ないほど天才的な知能を備えていた。彼女は私が目指したもの、まさに偉大なる始祖の再来だった。




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