For the 2019 remake version, see Clock Tower (RE2 remake).

The Cog room is an area of Raccoon Police Station featured in Resident Evil 2.


The cog room is composed of various machinery, gears and equipment.


This room can be ventured either Scenario A or Scenario B for both Leon or Claire, however to go further up requires a Crank that can raise the steps down. The crank can be found inside the File Storage Room for Leon. To make the machinery work however requires a Gold Cogwheel that can be found inside the Press Room. The Cog is to be placed at the gear so that it can rotated and unlock the door leading down toward the B1F west hall through a ventilation shaft.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Square hole on the right side It's a square hole.
Gears on the right hand side A rusted gear.
Maintenance equipment on the wall Nothing peculiar.
Machinery on the left side It seems to be broken. It won't work.
Machinery at the top platform (Checking) Power source for the clock. The gears are clean.
Machinery at the top platform It looks like a switch. Will you push it? Yes/No
Iron door The iron plate seems to have been recently moved. 
Iron door (After it is opened) An old dust shoot. Will you jump down? Yes/No


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