Collapse of Subsidiary Umbrella Japan

The message.

Collapse of Subsidiary Umbrella Japan is the BradyGames translation of a file that can be found in the BSAA Remote Desktop supplement for Resident Evil 5.


Memo regarding the corporate liquidation (3/14/2004)

This is a memo to inform you of the decision made at the March 10th meeting of the board of directors. We have decided to dissolve our company in the wake of the bankruptcy declared by our parent company, Umbrella.

We recognise the hard work by all of our employees to keep our venture profitable, but with the stagnation of our sales following the 1998 incident in Raccoon City, USA, and or mother company being declared liable in numerous lawsuits, we have deemed it impossible to continue production.

We have been searching diligently for a new parent company to which we might transfer our projects, but our efforts have proved fruitless. We have no choice but to close our doors.

Liquidation of company assets will be handled by Akitaka Igurashi (former Umbrella Japan managing director).

Allow me to take one last time to thank you for all your hard work and support of our company to the end.

Umbrella Japan, Inc.

Managing Director Akitaka Igurashi

会社解散のお知らせ (2004年3月14日)




代表取締役社長 五十嵐皓貴

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