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Colombian Roastmasters was a company that operated a chain of restaurants—known as Colombian Roastmasters Café—in the United States. There are notable locations on the Queen Zenobia and its sister ship, the Queen Semiramis, Tall Oaks and in Tatchi.


Queen Zenobia/Queen Semiramis[]

There was a Colombian Roastmasters Café menu displayed outside of Le Chant de la Sirene in the Promenade. The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance passed through the area during their investigation of the ships.

Tall Oaks[]

The Tall Oaks location was located on the corner of Tall Oaks Street and Lackey Street in the city area, across from Tall Oaks Station.[1][Note 1] Leon Scott Kennedy and Helena Harper are in the area during the Tall Oaks bioterror incident and pass the restaurant while on their way to Tall Oaks Cathedral.


There was also a location somewhere in Tatchi. It was in the area where Leon pulled an injured Helena into an alley while being overwatched by Ada Wong in a helicopter.


Further notes[]

  • The company is based on the Dead Rising series, where the chain was originally featured.


  1. The street that runs along the front of the building is marked as Tall Oaks Street until it becomes Sizemore Street later on.
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