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The Combat Knife is one of the bonus weapons in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


"A specially-treated military-grade knife that's been hardened to an unbelievable degree. They say it's been made to really last."
— Inventory description
"特殊な加工により驚異的な耐久性を得た ミリタリーナイフ。 理論上、半永久的に使用が可能。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

The Combat Knife is the infinite version of the default Combat Knife. It can't be found in the main game, it can only be unlocked by destroying all Mr. Raccoons or by purchasing the "All In-game Rewards Unlock" DLC.

This knife behaves the same way as its default version, but it will never break. Of note, the only way players can "lose" this weapon is if they use it as a defense item and don't retrive it afterwards.

Unlike other bonus weapons carrying an infinite feature attached to them, using this iteration of combat knife won't penalize players from achieving an S+ rank. That said, it is highly recommended that aspiring players who aim for achieving S+ rank on Hardcore mode to hunt down all 15 Mr. Raccoons to unlock this first. However, as of February 11, 2019, using this knife will nullify the play data for the RE.NET Weekly Challenges unless specified otherwise.[1]

This knife is also featured in the model viewer, in order to unlock it, the player needs to obtain all of the weapons in Claire's story.

While it remains a relatively weak and dangerous weapon to use like its normal counterpart, its unbreakable nature makes finishing downed zombies a breeze ergo saving ammo a far more easy feat to achieve.

In The Ghost Survivors, this weapon is included in Katherine Warren's pre-determined loadout on both difficulty modes and Daniel Cortini's loadout on the Training difficulty.



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