"This weapon is a veteran survivor's first choice."
— Item examination - English
"いざという時に役立つ武器だ "
— Item examination - Japanese

In Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, the Combat Knife would see a boost to its efficiency. Properly timed swipes at enemy zombie's legs could result in causing the zombie to collapse to the ground, buying either Chris or Claire Redfield time to either use their firearm on a less mobile enemy, or continue to stab at them. Additionally, properly placed swipes of the knife could result in multiple strikes on an enemy in a single attack, allowing for the possibility of killing zombies before they can get back to their feet.

It is interesting to note that the knife in this game is a S.T.A.R.S. knife. When you examine it closely (more easily discernible in the HD version) you can see that STARS is written on the blade. All characters use horizontal swings with the knife.

One knife can be found in the first room of the game on the desk next to Rodrigo. When you start the section where you play as Chris, he will have a knife in his inventory. Another knife can be found when playing as Chris in the mansion where Claire is being held to allow you to cut her free. Every character in the Battle Game minigame start with start with a knife in their inventory with the it being Wesker's only weapon (however the player can still find the magnum in the casino room mid-game).




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