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The Combat Shotgun is a bonus weapon available for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. It is a semi-automatic, drum fed shotgun that somewhat resembles the Striker shotgun.


It is featured in The Power Weapons Pack bonus weapon pack for those who preorder the game from Gamestop or purchase the special edition of the game. This weapon has 12-rounded magazine with 48 spare rounds initially. Maximum spare rounds this shotgun may contain are 60. By the action type and reloading sequence, this shotgun is alike the purchasable in-game Juggernaut.


"The Combat Shotgun is a devastating, revolver action shotgun used for riot control due to its ability to fire multiple rounds into enemies in rapid succession."
— In Game Description
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Further Notes

  • The Combat Shotgun appears to have flame-style graphics on the drum.
  • The Combat Shotgun has a mounted Red-Dot-style sight mostly found on sub-machine guns. Players never actually look down the sight, however, as ORC is a third-person shooter.
  • Despite the drum fed design of the shotgun, it reloads all of the bullets in 1-2 shells.