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Commander Chu was an Umbrella soldier who was loyal to Dr. Isaacs during the global T-virus pandemic. He was an accomplished martial artist rivaling Alice in skill.


Soldier for Umbrella

Chu acted as the commander for the tank containing the clone of Doctor Alexander Isaacs on the way to Raccoon City to destroy the settlement there. After the capture and escape of Alice, Chu attempted to kill her with the tank's weapons to no avail. During the attack on the settlement, Chu followed Isaacs' commands in regards to targeting the tank's weapons. After the Undead army was mostly wiped out as well as the tank crew, Chu emerged to engage Alice in hand-to-hand combat. Chu, proving himself to be a skilled martial artist, was more than a match for Alice who eventually defeated him with a shotgun blast to the chest. Due to his body armor, Chu survived but was stunned. Shortly afterwards, Alice attached Chu to the back of Isaacs' tank and used Chu as bait, running behind the tank, to draw the Undead survivors away.


At some point, Chu was overwhelmed by the Undead chasing him, killed and became an Undead himself. The Undead Chu joined the army of thousands of Undead following the Isaacs clone towards the Hive. Moments after the Isaacs clone killed the real Doctor Alexander Isaacs, the Undead Chu bit him in the neck and was joined by numerous other Undead in devouring the Isaacs clone. The Undead Chu was killed moments later when Alice released the airborne anti-virus which instantly killed anything infected with the T-virus upon contact.


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