Communication from Krauser 1 is an audio log collected during the Operation Javier section of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It describes a brief CQ-code transmission conversation between USSOCOM agent Jack Krauser and his mission support, a wireless operator by the name of Hannah (referred to as "Ingrid Hannah" in the localization).


This file is found in the "Operation Javier 1" level.


Hannah: This is CQ1 to two-zero. Please provide your code name and location.
Jack Krauser: This is two-zero, Silverdax. My location is 52-10-12-09.
Hannah: Code name confirmed. I don't believe we've met before, Jack Krauser. I'm Ingrid Hannah. I'll be your support op for his mission. It's nice to make your acquaintance.
Jack Krauser: Are you sure it's OK to be using our names?
Hannah: Yes, but just until it's time for the operation to begin. You can also use your cell phone until you arrive in town. When you meet up with Leon, he'll give you a wireless headset.
Jack Krauser: We're going to pick up the car. If we follow this road south, it'll take us about 40 minutes.
Hannah: How much do you know about Leon?
Jack Krauser: I read his file. And according to that, he witnessed the Raccoon city outbreak.
Hannah: Yes, he's a survivor, and his skills are first class. You two should get along well.
Jack Krauser: You never can tell. But as long as he does his job right, I won't complain. If your people recommend him, I trust him.

  • Jack asks a driver in Spanish if he drives long distance

Driver: It's your money, mi amigo! Get in!
Jack Krauser (to driver) I need to get to the south side.
Driver: I can take you there for 80.
Jack Krauser (to driver): I'll give you 50.
Driver: OK, OK.
Jack Krauser I brought plenty of money and ammo with me. Here, they seem to work better than talking.
Hannah: Give my thanks to the US Military.
Jack Krauser: Sure thing. It's nice having them as a sponsor.

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