Communication from Krauser 2 is an audio log collected during the Operation Javier section of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It continues the CQ-code transmissions between USSOCOM agent Jack Krauser and his mission support, Hannah.



Jack Krauser: This is Silverdax to CQ1.
Hannah: I'm running 10 minutes late.
Jack Krauser: What's going on? There's a roadblock up ahead. I'm about 3 miles from the rendezvous point. It's on the news, there's some kind of riot. It looks like the local military has been mobilized. A riot? It's more than that. They're opening fire on people.
Hannah: This makes the situation a little more problematic.
Jack Krauser: Do I have permission to return fire?
Hannah: Negative. Until you get to the rendezvous point, we can't risk involving the military or police. If you can't use the main roads, you'll have to take a detour through the mountains.
Jack Krauser: This is one lousy tour... No way! There's a river up ahead. How the hell am I supposed to get across?... Wait, wait, what's that...? A freight train?
Hannah: A train... That like goes right past the rendezvous point.
Jack Krauser: I hope they don't mind that I don't have a ticket.
Hannah: Be careful. Your ETA is going to be about 20 minutes later than scheduled. I'll inform Leon.
Jack Krauser: Roger that.

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