Communication from Krauser 3 is an audio log collected during the Operation Javier section of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It continues the CQ-code transmissions between USSOCOM agent Jack Krauser and his mission support, Hannah.



Jack Krauser: I can see the town. I'm almost there.
Hannah: The checkpoints are located mainly along the border. You should be fine.
Jack Krauser: So where's this Leon guy?
Hannah: He arrived at the scheduled time. The rendezvous point is the same.
Jack Krauser: Did he fly in?
Hannah: Yes. He was on a tour-charted Cessna, but it got shot down. It crash-landed in the wetlands, and he made his way on foot from there. He may have hitched a ride on the way, though.
Jack Krauser: Uncle Sam must really like him.
Hannah: Don't you both work for the same people?
Jack Krauser: I don't know about Leon, but my loyalties lie not with any one given organization. At the end of the day, all they want is results. And that's what I provide. For the right price.
Hannah: So you're a gun for hire.
Jack Krauser: Hmph, you got a problem with that? Look, I don't care what people think of me. I get the job done and then I'm gone. And if we work together again some day, then so be it.
Hannah: Without yours and Leon's remarkable abilities, this mission could not succeed. That I can say for sure. You were both chosen because you're not in it for publicity or pay-offs.
Jack Krauser: You give people more credit than they deserve. Regardless, I don't intend to fail. So just sit back and leave the man's work to me. Looks like we're arriving at the station. I'd better get out.
Hannah: Time to begin your mission. I'm going to jam this channel, so you'll be on your own from here on out. Be careful.
Jack Krauser: Alright, see you around.

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