Communications tower hill (通信塔の丘 Tsūshin tōnooka?)[1] is an area on Sejm Island, outside the detention center. It is explored in Episode 1: Penal Colony and Episode 2: Contemplation.


The Communications tower hill is the area that links the prison to the communications tower and forest. It has a lot of grass and trees on it, as well as a large bridge.

Both duos in the game explore this area in Episode 1: Penal Colony, each at different times. When Claire and Moira are here, it's at sundown, Barry and Natalia come to this place 6 months later, during night time.



Immediately after leaving the imprisonment zone, switch to Moira and look up, a big Kafka Drawing is on the wall in front.

After a few steps forward the Overseer will start talking to the player, when this happens, the player movement becomes slower, therefore as soon as she starts communicating, you will always see a Green Herb immediately in front of you. To the left side is a path that is blocked by a large boulder, and to the right is a path that leads to the communications tower, which can be seen in the distance when the double door appears.

After opening the door, the large bridge is in front. To the left of it is a locked door, but to the right side of this door is a Military Box that Moira can interact with, it gives the Quick Load Lv. 1 custom part upon its first opening, and will give a treasure (BP) in NG+.

After opening the box, turn to your right and look at the bridge, a Tower Emblem sits right at the middle of the bridge. Shoot it with Claire. Now cross the bridge and let the cutscene play out, then after stepping out of the bridge, go to its left side and point Moira's flashlight onto the nearest bridge wall, another Kafka Drawing is there.

After this, enter the small house in front, there is a Workstation inside it and one breakable box, however, there are no items Moira can find with her flashlight. To finish the chapter, interact with the radio machine next to the breakable box.

Episode 1: Penal Colony ends here for Claire, the next place visited by the duo is the Fishing village (room).


As Barry, there is one Green Herb very close to the spot where the herb was as Claire, the main bridge is broken so Barry and Natalia can't cross it. Instead, have Natalia crawl through the small hole next to the locked door, grab a Brick and destroy the lock on the other side (doing this will not void the Cutting Edge record / award), the Bubble Gun can't break the lock.

Proceed and you will now start to enter the Forest, there is one breakable box and one item Natalia can find by pointing in this area, an Insect Larva is on a tree immediately to the right of the blinking item Natalia can find.

The next area visited is the Forest, but the duo does return to this area at the end of the episode, they come back from the other side and are able to get to the other side of the bridge. However, there are no items to be gotten in the house, but the Workstation is still there.

In Episode 2: Contemplation, this area can still be visited and there is one Insect Larva that only spawns during this episode, go back the way you came and look at the right side of the house that has the Workstation inside it.

The next area visited is the Forest ruins.



RE Rev2 Communications tower hill clean map (Claire)


RE Rev2 Communications tower hill clean map (Barry)






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