Complete Mutations (完全変異種 Kanzen hen'i-shu?) is a file in Resident Evil 6. It can be found in Chapter 5 of Ada Story.


After a human is injected with the C-Virus and turns into a J'avo, the virus will continue to mutate the host until its entire body is covered by a tough, cocoon-like structure. Inside this chrysalid, the virus will dissolve the host's body composition and reform it, thus giving birth to a completely different creature from the J'avo. These creatures are referred to as complete mutations.

Derek C. Simmons sought to harness this mutation process when he tried to recreate Ada Wong, but ended with a number of failed mutations instead. (Lepotitsa and Gnezdo are two such examples of those failures: Derek preserved the female aspect, but little else.) Derek's researchers soon learned that by mixing the C-Virus with the DNA of living specimens, they could create complete mutations that preserved the strong features of reptilian and mammalian species.

Being able to determine the final outcome for the complete mutation was a key component of creating reliable bio-organic weapons. This research was instrumental in stabilizing the C-Virus and creating something that would birth multiple bioweapons.








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