Confiscation Report (押収品報告書 Ōshōhin-hōkokusho?) is a file in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


Next to the dead body at the Observation Room.


Confiscation Report
Date: August 14, 1998
Location: R.P.D. 2F Waiting Room

Reason for Confiscation:
A suspicious man was found at the location listed above. When confronted by an officer, he tried to escape by acting confused, but was arrested. A note he had on him was confiscated.

Remarks: It's not like everyone doesn't know who it is, but it's Justin Hanson: age 39, city resident, single, and a regular fixture in our jail. He wasn't a bad guy per se, just a bit of a birdbrain kleptomaniac.
Can't believe he tried to pull a fast one in a police station, of all places, though...

(There's a scrap of paper in a plastic bag.)

押収年月日: 1998 年 8 月 14 日
押収場所: 本署2F待合室

上記押収場所で不審な行動をしていた男性を発見。 巡査が声をかけたところ、慌てた様子で逃走を図ろうと したため確保。

備考:照会するまでもない。彼のことはよく知ってます。 ジャスティン・ハンソン。 39歳。市内在住。独身。 ここの留置場の常連ですよ。 悪い奴じゃないんだが、ニワトリ並みの脳みそでね。 おまけに病的な盗癖持ちだ。 けど、まさか市警で“仕事”をしようとするとは……。



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