Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Conrad was an operator for Umbrella's elite security force, the Umbrella Security Service. He served as a member of the 2nd U.S.S. squad, under Captain Rodriguez.


In late September, 1998, 2nd U.S.S. Squad was deployed into Raccoon City to recover a crate containing the experimental bio-weapon Nyx. The mission was a feint, as Rodriguez had planned to betray the Umbrella Corporation, of which was discovered during the process.  Conrad's own fate remains unknown, but he is assumed to have died during the mission.


Conrad is a "Kevin-type" character. He begins each scenario with an Antidote capsule.

Conrad has the following statistics:

  • A movement speed similar to that of Karl.
  • An average health of between 2000 and 2500.
  • An average attack power similar to Kevin Ryman.
  • An infection rate of 1.19% per minute.

Further notes

  • Conrad is only playable with the use of a cheat device such as a GameShark.
  • Previously thought to be the template for one of the U.S.S. zombies at "End of the Road" and "Elimination 1" scenarios, close comparison shows that the two are actually quite different people. Thus, the fate of Conrad is entirely unknown.


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