"Conspiracy" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1] The scene plays directly after Rebecca Falls.


At another area of the Umbrella Executive Training School, Birkin has doubts about whether James Marcus has in fact returned from the dead, although he also acknowledges that if it is true, Umbrella will be finished. Wesker agrees, citing that Oswell E. Spencer's career will be over if the conspiracy against Dr. Marcus is revealed, not to mention their own careers. Wesker then decides to take the opportunity to leave Umbrella, citing that the biological weapon utilizing the T-Virus is nearly complete, needing only the combat data. Birkin refused to leave Umbrella, however, as he hasn't completed his research on the G-Virus. Wesker then acknowledges this, and mentions that he personally will go by his original plan of luring the S.T.A.R.S. to the Spencer Mansion, knowing their superior combat training will make them the perfect test subjects. William Birkin then tells Wesker he's headed to the basement to set off the self-destruct sequence, in order to stop Dr. Marcus.

Back to the torture chamber, Rebecca is hanging on for dear life on one of the support beams, although it is clear that she's steadily losing her grip on the beam.


William Birkin: "It just doesn't make sense. Do you honestly believe this to be the real identity of that crazy young man? Impossible. But, if somehow it is true then Umbrella will be finished."

Albert Wesker: "If the old conspiracy against Dr. Marcus is revealed Mr. Spencer's career will be over, not to mention ours too. So, the time has come at last."

Birkin: "What are you going to do?"

Wesker: "I will simply say goodbye to Umbrella. The biological weapon utilizing the t-Virus has almost been completed. Our only remaining task is to acquire combat data."

Birkin: "You can't be serious! I refuse to abandon my work! I've finished my research on the T-Virus, but I need a little more time to complete the more
powerful G-Virus."

Wesker: "Do as you wish, I will follow my initial plan and lure the S.T.A.R.S. members into the mansion."

Wesker: "Their superior combat training should make them perfect test subjects."

Birkin: "Fine. In the meantime, something must be done about that madman. As I recall, URC is equipped with a self-destruct device in the basement. I'll find it, set it off, and annihilate the place to nothing more than a mass of rubble."

Rebecca: "I can't... hold on."

William Birkin: "そんなバカな!"
"これが あの若造の正体だというのか?"

Albert Wesker: "ヤツの手で過去の秘密が暴かれれば"
"それは 俺達も同じだ"

Birkin: "どうするつもりだ?"

Wesker: "アンブレラとおサラバする"

Birkin: "そんな! 私はイヤだ"

Wesker: "好きにしろ"

Wesker: "好らなら 必ずいい戦闘データを提供してくれるだろう"

Birkin: "まあいい"
"だが ヤツはこのまま放っておけん"
"幸い 地下施設には自装置がある"

Rebecca: "もうだめ…"

Further notes

On the cutscene gallery, it airs before Rebecca Falls, despite the fact that the latter's viewing is required to watch Conspiracy.


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