ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)

"In Umbrella's Raccoon City facility, betrayer collects the last of his life's work. His name is William Birkin and he plans to sell the G-Virus to the American Government. Umbrella Security Service has been sent in to neutrolize the threat."
— In-game description

Containment, known as Blockade (封鎖 Fūsa?) in Japan, is the opening mission to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


Delta team assist HUNK in the retrieval of the G-Virus sample from William Birkin. They find that he has paid off a number of UBCS mercenaries to defend his lab while he sells the virus to the US military. Making their way through the facility, the intruder alarm is activated - being Umbrella personnel, the USS has authorized access. HUNK, therefore, concludes that the alert is unrelated to their entry. Eventually WOLFPACK links up with other members of Alpha Team outside of Birkin's lab; HUNK and another member of Alpha Team then enter the lab. After they retrieve the G-virus samples, a team of US Army Spec Ops arrive. The USS agents dispatch the enemies and escape the facility via the main lift, where GOBLIN 6 prepares to meet up with HUNK up top. Before HUNK and Delta team can meet up with them however the rest of Alpha team is attacked by G-Birkin. Birkin chases HUNK and Delta team out of the lab and HUNK forces Delta to leave him so he can go back for the G-virus sample which he dropped.


Before the mission starts the briefing for the starting mission can be seen:

September 1998....

Umbrella Corporation, Raccoon City facility

USS Delta Team, codenamed Wolfpack, has been deployed to assist Alpha Team.

Their orders are to randezvous with Alpha Team leader HUNK and support his infiltration into the complex.

The use of lethal force has been authorized.


The U.S.S. Delta team ("Wolfpack") approaches a sealed door displaying the Umbrella insignia.

  • Any character, present in team: "Alpha leader, we're in position."

Elsewhere, Alpha team leader "HUNK" receives the radio transmission.

  • HUNK: "Copy. Standby."

HUNK exits an elevator and proceeds to kill two armed guards - the first with a knife to the chest and the second with his trademark neckbreaker. HUNK proceeds to unlock the sealed door, allowing Delta team to enter.

  • HUNK: "You guys must be the new Delta Team. Report."

The following are possible remarks made, depending on who is in your team; as such, they are in no particular order.

  • BELTWAY: "Name's BELTWAY. Nice to meet ya, "Mr. Death."
  • BERTHA: "My name is BERTHA. Ready to play."
  • SPECTRE: "SPECTRE here... all set."
  • LUPO: "Call me LUPO. Delta team squad leader."
  • VECTOR: VECTOR Here, good to see you again sir."
  • FOUR-EYES: Call me FOUR EYES. At your service."

  • HUNK (to radio): "Command, I've rendezvoused with Delta team."
  • U.S.S. Command (via radio): "Understood. Now find Birkin and secure those samples. Failure is not an option."
  • HUNK: "You heard him. Let's move."

The team proceeds into the elevator along with HUNK.


  • HUNK: "We're entering the lab of Doctor William Birkin -- an Umbrella scientist attempting to sell classified samples of weaponized virus strain to the U.S. government."

The objective changes: "Enter Umbrella's underground facility."

  • (Female character, priority is playable one): "You mean Umbrella's T-Virus?"
  • HUNK: "No. This is a new gene-altering compound Birkin's developed called the G-Virus. It's significantly more powerful and he's in possession of the only known samples. There's a detachement of Umbrella's Biohazard Countermeasure Service on site who will likely try to protect him. They are unaware of this operation and are considered expandable."
  • (Male character, priority is playable one): "Aren't we on the same team? Couldn't we just pick up the phone and call?"
  • HUNK: "The UBCS are just mercenaries; they can be bought. We can't assume their loyalty to the company."
  • (The same male character as before): "So what's the objective?"
  • HUNK: "Intercept Birkin and secure the G-Virus."

Elevator door opens and the team enters the lobby of Umbrella's facility.

  • Female Orientation Narrator: "Welcome to Umbrella."
  • HUNK: "Alright, weapons live... we're ready for action."

HUNK goes to the sealed door and opens it with the passcode.

  • HUNK: "Alright it's open. Let's go!"

The objective changes: "Enter the B.O.W. facility."

The team enters the huge laboratory and sees some of the experimental Hunters.

(One of female characters, present in team):

  • LUPO: "That must be a new type of B.O.W. Can't imagine those things in battle..."
  • FOUR EYES: "What are those? B.O.W.s? Interesting..."
  • BERTHA: "Ohhh. Those don't look nice."

(One of male characters, present in team):

  • SPECTRE: "Wonder where they got... the live subjects..."
  • BELTWAY: "Aww. They want to come out and play."
  • VECTOR: "Come on, let's keep moving."

The UBCS soldiers are appearing.

  • HUNK: "Take cover!"

The objective changes: "Neutralize UBCS forces."

After defeating UBCS mercenaries the team goes further.

  • HUNK: "Alright, let's move."

Another pack of UBCS forces arrives.

  • HUNK: "Put a frag on those troops!"

Proceeding further, the team will gear the radio transmission.

  • USS Command: "HUNK, we've got a location on Dr. Birkin. He's just entered his lab. Get in there and obtain those virus samples!"
  • HUNK: "Roger Command. Proceeding to Birkin's lab. Stay focused. Birkin's already set up an exchange with the US military. We may run into Special Operatives before this is over."

On the cutscene HUNK kills another UBCS mercenary with his knife.

  • HUNK: "Don't forget your training! If they get too close use hand-to-hand combat!"

The objective changes: "Proceed to Dr. Birkin's lab while protecting HUNK."

The alert system becomes active when team proceeds to the labs.

  • Base Computer: "Emergency! There has been a security breach. Avoid contact with unauthorized personnel." (This message will be repeated after some periods of time, while changing "Emergency" to "Repeat")
  • HUNK: "That wasn't us. We're using authorized access. We might have company."

The voice inside the laboratory can be heard.

William Birkin: "It's sheer perfection. My precious G-Virus... No one will ever take you away from me"


Wolfpack along with HUNK and another Alpha Team member reaches the lab with the sign "William Birkin".

  • HUNK: (To the Wolfpack) "Guard this door. Do not let ANYONE approach." (To the Alpha Team soldier) "YOU come with me"

After they are opening Birkin's door.

  • Alpha Team Member 1: "There he is"
  • William Birkin: "So, you've finally come..."
  • HUNK: "Doctor, we've here to collect the G-Virus sample."


  • William Birkin: "Sorry, but I won't just hand over my life's work."

Gunfire can be heard.

  • William Birkin: "Aaaaahhhh!"
  • HUNK: "Stop it! You might hit the sample! That's it alright. Okay, let's move out!"

The door leading to the elevator platform is destroyed by an explosion.

The objective changes: "Neutralize all Spec Ops forces."

  • HUNK: "Birkin's military escorts have arrived. Neutralize 'em!"

(One of the male characters, present in team):

  • VECTOR: "We'll take these guys, sir"
  • BELTWAY: "Fucking government lapdogs. Hurry up and die for nothin'!"
  • SPECTRE: "Hmm...Uncle Sam...always trouble..."

After defeating Spec Ops forces, the elevator with HUNK and another Alpha Team soldier arrives.

  • HUNK: "Looks like you had some company. Follow me. Let's go! Everyome on board. We've got a mission."

After the platform start to move up.

  • HUNK: (to radio) "Goblin 6, what's your status?"
  • Goblin 6: "The upper levels are secure. All above ground escape routes are on lockdown. Waiting on you, sir."
  • HUNK: "Copy that."
  • USS Command: "Alpha Team, have you retrieved the sample yet?"
  • HUNK: "Affirmative. Heading to the rendezvous point now."
  • USS Command: "Understood."

{Cutscene} Alpha Team moves further and G-Birkin attacks it. The monster destroys the sample of the G-Virus, but some of them are remain. HUNK is alive.


  • Alpha Team Member 1: "Shoot it!!"
  • Alpha Team Member 2: "Eat this you freak!!"
  • Alpha Team Member 3: "The guns... aren't stopping it!!"
  • Alpha Team Member 1: "What is this thing!?"
  • Alpha Team Member 3: "NooowRaawaahhh!!"
  • Alpha Team Member 2: "Hurry!"
  • Alpha Team Member 1: "Fire! Fire!! Son of a..."
  • Alpha Team Member 2: "Aaahhh!!!"
  • Alpha Team Member 1: "Aaahhh!!!"
  • Alpha Team Member 4: "Ahhhhg! Get it off me!!!!"
  • HUNK: "Wolfpack, let's move! Cover me!"

Wolfpack along with HUNK proceeds to the tunnels of technical zone.

  • HUNK: "Alright, close it up."

(One of the male characters, present in team):

  • BELTWAY: "This is NOT what we signed up for..."
  • VECTOR: "We need to move."
  • SPECTRE: "Okay... not... a good... sign."

Replying on this:

  • HUNK: "Come on. Don't forget our objective."

G-Birkin destroys the door and pursues Wolfpack and HUNK.

(One of the female characters, present in team):

  • BERTHA: "Scheisse. Nowhere to run..."
  • FOUR EYES: "This is not good..."
  • LUPO: "Here it comes..."

(If G-Birkin is shot in the eye one of the male characters):

  • BELTWAY: "Whoaa! He didn't like that shot to his eye!"
  • SPECTRE: "That eye is... his weak pint. Aim there..."
  • VECTOR: "Shoot that eye to stun him!"


G-Birkin reaches the team, grabs HUNK and throws him away, separating Wolfpack from HUNK..


The objective changes: "Escape G-Birkin."

After G-Birkin blocked the way back.

(One of the female characters, present in team):

  • LUPO: "Move faster! We're not losing him!"
  • FOUR EYES: "We are not gaining any distance!"
  • BERTHA: "We can't get away from it!"

Delta Team escapes from the tunnels and the door separates them and G-Birkin is shut.

The objective changes: "Rendezvous with HUNK."

  • USS Command: "Delta Team, get out of there and regroup with HUNK!"

After player escaped from the G-Birkin's capture.

The objective changes: "Run away from G-Birkin."

When another door in the tunnels preparing for opening.

The objective changes: "Hold off G-Birkin until the door is open."

After the door is open.

The objective changes: "Escape G-Birkin."

{Cutscene} HUNK appears in the end of tunnels.

  • HUNK: "Come on! Birkin injected himself with the G-Virus. There's nothing you can do. Get out of here and make a full report to Management."

(Male character, priority is playable one):

  • BELTWAY: "What the hell are you doin'!?"
  • SPECTRE: "What are you doing!?"
  • VECTOR: "What about you, sir?"

HUNK answers.

  • HUNK: "I lost the sample. I'm going back for it."

Alpha Team leader shuts the door and shoots the monster alone.

Level ends.


Objective 1: Enter Umbrella's underground facility

Wait until the elevator stops and follow HUNK. He will open the door to the laboratories.

There are two security cameras in the lobby that can be destroyed, two data files, First Aid Spray and Stun Grenade.

Objective 2: Enter the B.O.W. facility

The team will face Hunters inside the test tanks. Wait there until UBCS forces will approach.

The third security camera can be seen from here, if the player will look up and slightly to the right.

Objective 3: Neutralize UBCS forces

You and your team have superior position in this skirmish. Take cover and shoot UBCS soldiers. After defeating the first pack of mercenaries, player can find two data files in lower level.

After the second pack your team will proceed further. Frag grenade can be found there and the ammo crate (with unlimited ammo). Also, some Green Herbs can be used by players here.

The last skirmish with UBCS squad will take place in the bottom of the labs. Player can reach the upper platforms by the stairs and go back to the beginning of this area, where the weapon crate can be found at the left side. The Flamethrower is inside.

Last four enemies will enter the lab through the gate, which was closed before. The team can proceed further after defeating foes. Another two data files can be collected at the bottom platform.

Objective 4: Proceed to Dr. Birkin's lab while protecting HUNK

One data file can be found near the computers, where ammo box and green herb are located. Proceeding further, player will face another four UBCS mercenaries. After defeating them, one can go right, where UBCS came from. Some grenades, F. A. Spray and ammo crate are located there. Also, the fourth security camera can be destroyed. It's located above the door, like the first two in the beginning of the mission.

Entering laboratory lobby, player will hear activation of the security alarm - the sign, that spec ops have already entered the facility. One data file, frag grenade, F.A.Spray can be found here. Fifth security camera is located above the gates. Raccoon City Mascot can be found here as well - it's located behind the servers in the lobby.

The team enters the gate and appears in the laboratory. Sixth security camera is located here. Three data files along with F.A. Spray also can be found here. Proceeding further, player will meat another Alpha Team member and the cutscene will start, where HUNK with this soldier reaches Dr. William Birkin.



Easter eggs



HUNK refers to Wolfpack as the "new Delta team", alluding to the U.S.S. Delta team that was eradicated by Marcus' leeches in July.


Weapons that can be found during the mission:

Dropped by enemies:

Found during the mission:


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