Contract Concluded, known in Japan as Contract Established (契約成立 Keiyaku seiritsu?), is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It plays during Chapter 1-4 of the Jake Story.


After they went to the helicopter, Sherry to her mentor, Simmons about Jake. After she hang up, Jake and Sherry talk about their deal and Sherry confirms that they will pay him his money and Jake is pleased with this news. But their ride is soon abused.


Sherry: "Yes... but there's something I need to run by you. Mr. Muller is requesting compensation for his cooperation... 50 million dollars. Yes. Yes, I understand. I'll let him know."
Jake: "So, we got a deal?"
Sherry: "Yes, we have a deal."
Jake: "That was easy. By the way, that guy that you were all chummy with back there..."
Sherry: "You mean Chris?"
Jake: "That's the one."
Sherry: "What about him?"
Jake: "Forget it."

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