The control room passageway[1] is the location of the Alexia form #2 and #3 bossfights.


Location Localisation Original Script
Door to the control room It's locked. There's a hollow in the shape of a dragonfly.
Linear Launcher security release It's a security release for the linear launcher. Lock is automatically released in an emergency.
Linear Launcher case How to release the security:

In an emergency, turn both devices simultaneously. It will release once charging is completed.

Door to the control room (Gold Dragonfly placed) You've unlocked the door.
Door or stairs (mid-fight) I must defeat this monster!
Linear Launcher security release (mid-fight) The security has already been released.
Linear Launcher case (mid-fight) Energy is being charged. Lock is released once charge is complete.




  1. BIOHAZARD CODE: Veronica Kanzenban Kaitai Shinsho, page 213: 制御室前通路 translates literally as "before the passage control room"
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