Conversation with deputy is the scene in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays when Ethan meets deputy, who is searching clues near the Baker mansion.



Ethan Winters: "Hey, you gotta help me!"

David Anderson: "Hold on, back up. Now, sir, do you live here? I mean, is this your property?"

Ethan: "What? Me? No. No!"

Anderson: "Alright. Now we got several calls about some missing persons lately."

Ethan: "You don't understand. I gotta get outta here!"

Anderson: "Now calm down."

Ethan: "You're not listening to me. There are crazy people in this house trying to fucking kill me!"

Anderson: "Well alright, lemme tell you this. You don't exactly seem like you're playing with a full deck yourself, alright?"

Ethan: "Are you kidding me?"

Anderson: "Look, like I said, we've had several missing persons calls, and I can't rule out that an outsider like yourself may not be involved."

Ethan: "Alright. I'll tell you whatever you want."

Anderson: "Alright. Now that's more like it. Now, meet me in the garage. We'll talk there."

Ethan: "Hey, wait! You gotta give me your gun!"

Anderson: "You must have lost your mind."

Ethan: "Look, officer."

Anderson: "Deputy."

Ethan: "Right, deputy. Now do you wanna see my name in the obituaries? Or do you wanna be a hero and save my life?"
"A fucking pocket knife?"

Anderson: "Here. Take it! That's all you're gonna get. Now go. Garage. Now."

Ethan: "What am I gonna do with a knife?"

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