The corridor behind the cell (tentative) is an area of the Antarctic Base. It only appears in the ending cutscene.


A darkened L-shaped corridor with an alarm already set off due to the self-destruct system. There are pipes and a air vent going extending throughout the corridor, a collapsed wall around the cornor, erupted flames from the north side of the corridor, random boxes, barrels, shelves and other equipment/materials scattered around.


Chris Redfield enters this corridor from a hole inside a, previously closed, cell going after Albert Wesker who's holidng his Claire hostage. Once inside, he notices some fire covering the north area with a number of zombies approaching him, so he decides to go towards the east side, pushing through the horde of zombies in his way, and then pushing the doors open at the end.

After his confrontation with Wesker, Chris comes back the same way to use the emergency elevator from the underground detention chamber.



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