"A strong acid that can dissolve certain metals."
— Inventory description

Corrosive (金属溶解液 kinzoku yōkai-eki?) is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Main game


Corrosives are used to melt specific metal locks on doors, allowing access to what was locked.


The majority of Corrosive locations occur within the Old Videotape as Mia specifically at the level 2F.

A particular room with a picture frame puzzle and a vault will be given 3 Corrosives. Succeeding the puzzle will unlock the vault.


In the minigame Nightmare, Clancy can craft Corrosive at a workbench for a sizable amount of Scrap. the Corrosive is used to melt the locks on the doors leading to the Workshop and Morgue areas, which contain more Compactors.



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