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"Days have passed since the USS lost the G-Virus and witnessed its metamorphosis in William Birkin. Raccoon City is also lousy with disease due to a T-Virus outbreak. Wolfpack is ordered to destroy evidence at City Hall linking Umbrella to this epidemic."
— Official level description

Corruption (堕落 daraku?) is the second mission of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


The level begins within various passages below and around Raccoon City Hall. WOLFPACK has just been redeployed after the Raccoon City outbreak in order to destroy evidence. Their purpose for visiting city hall is to destroy the city's records, which contains information about Umbrella's activities within the city. Early on in the mission, WOLFPACK meets Nicholai Ginovaef and interrogates him, wondering if he is a "loose end" and express surprise that he had survived up to that point. Later, they discover footage of Nicholai betraying his squad-mates. Wolfpack succeed in destroying the evidence, but Nicholai lured them into the trap. After survivng the attack of the horde of Lickers, Wolfpack escapes the City Hall.


{Briefing Cutscene}

  • USS Command: "The failure to contain virus samples has left Umbrella in a precarious situation. HUNK is not responding. UBCS-wing has deployed their forces..."
  • UBCS Commander: "UBCS Team"
  • UBCS Soldier 1: "Command, we're seeing a lot of RPD and civilian activity in the downtown area..."
  • UBCS Soldier 2: "Team Five reporting, gunfire near the hospital... Command, we have positive contact!"
  • UBCS Commander: "Understood, move to contain."
  • 911 Dispatch - Female: "Ma'am please cam down. What is the nature of your emergency?"
  • Female 1: "They're trying to get in the windows! Please help us!"
  • Male 1: "Oh my God! They're in the house! Run! Run!"
  • 911 Dispatch: "Ma'am? Ma'am!"
  • UBCS Soldier 3: "Our line is breached, we can't hold them off..."
  • UBCS Soldier 4: "They're everywhere!"
  • UBCS Soldier 5: "Containment failed! We need extraction!"
  • USS Command: "To ensure Umbrella's survival, the story of what happened must never be told; we need to make sure the truth dies along with each srap of the evidence and every survivor. Umbrella Security Service Task Force, commence Operation Raccoon City."


The objective changes: "Gain Entrance to City Hall"

(One of next characters):

  • LUPO: "Move out! Our objective is to reach City Hall!"
  • VECTOR: "Let's move out...Our objective, City Hall is up ahead!"
  • FOUR EYES: "We need to move out. City Hall is up ahead!"

(One male characters answers):

  • VECTOR: "Umbrella thinks the outbreak is our doing."
  • BELTWAY: "I can't believe Umbrella is blaming us for the outbreak."
  • SPECTRE: "Umbrella is making us responsible for this 'accident'."

(One of female characters answers):

  • LUPO: "Yes, and that's why we are being redeployed. Let's hope things go according to plan."
  • BERTHA: "We aren't clean up crew. What happened during the week that they must redeploy us?"
  • FOUR EYES: "This is ridiculous. I can't believe thay are redeploying us back into the city. What happened during the week?"

(One of next characters finishes the conversation):

  • VECTOR: "Command will not be happy with us until we can assure them theu will not be connected with the outbreak."
  • FOUR EYES: "Reports say the outbreak has spread quickly, if we want extraction, we need cover up any ties to Umbrella."
  • LUPO: "We won't be extracted until we can sufficiently cover up Umbrella's involvement in any of this."

After proceeding to the end of the basement.

(One of next characters):

  • LUPO: "Command, we've reached position 1."
  • VECTOR: "Command, position 1 reached."
  • BERTHA: "Command, we have just reached position 1."

Answer on the radio.

  • USS Command: "Position confirmed Wolfpack, proceed into the "Cold Zone.""

Reaching the stairs, the moans can be heard.

(One of male characters):

  • VECTOR: (shush)
  • BELTWAY: "Hey...Quiet..."
  • SPECTRE: "Quiet..."

(One of male characters answers):

  • BELTWAY: "Heard sumthin'."
  • VECTOR: "Do you hear that?"
  • SPECTRE: "Auditory sensation detected."

(One of female characters finishes the conversation):

  • BERTHA: "I can hear it too, get your weapons ready."
  • FOUR EYES: "Confirmed! There's something up ahead. Ready your equipment."
  • LUPO: "There's something up ahead, weapons ready."

After the first encounter with zombies.

(One of next characters):

  • VECTOR: "Ugh...looks like they're eating each other..."
  • BELTWAY: "Shit, what are they doing? Eating each other?"
  • LUPO: "What is this? They are... eating each other? Dear god."

(One of next characters answers):

  • FOUR EYES: "Fascinating, their food sources have depleted; they have become desperate."
  • SPECTRE: "Try surviving Soviet winter. Maybe you won't be so quick to judge."
  • BERTHA: "It's only natural, one must do what they can to survive."

After entering the door behind first pack of zombies.

The secondary objective changes: "Clear the room of zombies"

Opening the door leading to the stairs, the cutscene starts. Wolfpack meets Nicholai.


  • (One of female characters, priority is playable one): "Hold your fire! He's UBCS."
  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "Nicholai Ginovaef, UBCS D-Platoon, B-Squad. You're Umbrella Security Service? Upper management must be in a panic if they sent you."

(The same female character as before):

  • LUPO: "Save it. What are you doing here?"
  • BERTHA: "And why are you here...?"
  • FOUR EYES: "What is it you're doing here?"

Nicholai answers.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "My team was sent here to rescue the citizens, but there's no time for that. City Hall is a mess. I'm trying to find a safe zone."

(The same female character as before):

  • LUPO: "There is no safe zone. What's going on in there?"
  • BERTHA: "Dohh, running scared already? How bad is it?"
  • FOUR EYES: "There is no safety here. So, how bad is it?"

Nicholai answers.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "City Hall is crawling with infected and some unidentified military personnel. They're looking for something... Why? What are you doing--?"

(One of male characters, priority is playable one):

  • SPECTRE: "Enough. I say... we silence him..."
  • BELTWAY: "You leave the questions to us, pal! Let's feed this guy to the locals!"
  • VECTOR: "We ask the questions. Is this guy a loose end?"

(The same female character as before):

  • LUPO:"He's UBCS. He'll get himself killed somehow. We've got orders. Let's move."
  • BERTHA: "We let the zombies sort him out. Good luck on your own. We move?"
  • FOUR EYES: "Save your bullets, nobody can survive out here alone. We have our mission."

Nicholai finishes the conversation.

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "All the best with your mission."


  • USS Command: "The City Hall has been locked down. Access the Security Room and override it."
  • (Playable character): "Copy that, Command."

The objective changes: "Find the security room"

After entering the hall, a group of Spec Ops will attack.

The secondary objective changes: "Survive the Spec Ops ambush"

(Playable character):

  • LUPO or BERTHA, or FOUR EYES: "Enemy contact! Spec Ops. Take 'em out!"
  • SPECTRE: "Enemy units detected... Attacking..."
  • VECTOR: "U.S. government. Kill 'em."
  • BELTWAY: "Shit, we've got fuckin' Spec ops on us."

When the first group of Spec Ops are defeated, the playable character will say:

  • LUPO: "Those guys were ready for us. Stay sharp."
  • SPECTRE: "I suspect there will be... more of them..."
  • VECTOR: "Don't get sloppy. That won't be the last of them."
  • BERTHA: "Heheh, that was fun. Want to kill more..."
  • FOUR EYES: "The Spec Ops have superior positioning. Stay alert."
  • BELTWAY: "Stubborn motherfuckers! I'm sure there's more where that came from."

After eliminating all Spec Ops troops.

(Tthe playable character to radio): "Command, we're inside the City Hall."

After opening the door of the security room.

The secondary objective changes: "Defeat Spec Ops"

After defeating Spec Ops.

The objective changes: "Override the security lockdown"

  • (Playable character): "Command, we've entered the security room."
  • USS Command: "There should be a console. Use it to override the security lockdown."

After interacting with console.

  • USS Command: "Now you can access the server room and destroy all of the city's records."

(One of the male characters, priority is playable one):

  • SPECTRE: "Observe...that monitor...there. That is a security feed from earlier today..."
  • VECTOR or BELTWAY: "Check out that monitor. Looks like a security feed from earlier today."


The record shows Nicholai betrayed his team and left them for dead.


  • (One of the female characters): "That's Nicholai and his team..."

(One of the male character):

  • SPECTRE: "Isn't that against company policy? Ha ha!"
  • BELTWAY: "Nicholai fed his team to the infected."
  • VECTOR: "Hmm? They didn't put up much of a fight."

(One of the female characters):

  • BERTHA: "Heh heh, they died like rats. But we still need to destroy that evidence."
  • LUPO: "No one cares about a few dead UBCS. We've got a job to do."
  • FOUR EYES: "That's a nice footnote. But we have a mission to complete."

Zombies are invading the security room.

The objective changes: "Find the server room and destroy servers"

  • (Playable character): "More infected! Let's move!"

Reaching the server room.

The objective changes: "Destroy the Servers to eliminate evidence"

(One of the mail characters):

  • BELTWAY: "Looks like Nicholai's handiwork."
  • VECTOR: "Looks like Nicholai's team."
  • SPECTRE: "This must be...Nicholai's team."

(One of the characters answers):

  • LUPO: "Who knows how many people he has fed to the infected. His mind has been warped."
  • SPECTRE: "What is he doing? Why allow these people to be devoured. He has gone mad."
  • FOUR EYES: "That sicko is feeding people to the infected. What the hell is this about?"

(One of the female characters answers):

  • BERTHA: "Ooh, looks like fun, but we have a mission, yes?"
  • LUPO: "Don't forget why we're here. Let's take care of those servers."
  • FOUR EYES: "Mind our objective. This is nothing new."

(The radio finishes the conversation):

  • USS Command: "Quit stalling! Concentrate weapons fire on those servers."

After shooting the servers, the secondary objective will change "0-7 / 7 servers destroyed"

When all the servers are destroyed.

  • USS Command: "Good. Now proceed to the records room and finish the job."

The objective changes: "Find the documentation in the archives room"

Entering the records room.

(One of the male characters, priority is playable one):

  • SPECTRE: "Records room located...let's...proceed."
  • VECTOR: "That's the records room."
  • BELTWAY: "Hey! That's the records room."

Radio answers:

  • USS Command: "Alright. Now find that evidence and get rid of it!"

The objective changes: "Locate and destroy evidence of Umbrella involvement"

On destroying the evidence, the secondary objective will change "0-5 / 5 Evidence Destroyed"

(Finding the evidence, playable character will say):

  • SPECTRE: "Evidence...located. Let' it burn."
  • BERTHA: "That must be the evidence. We burn it."
  • VECTOR: "This is the evidence. Let's burn it."
  • LUPO: "This is the evidence. You know what to do."
  • BELTWAY: "Is this what Umbrella's worried about? Let's toast it!"
  • FOUR EYES: "This is the evidence. Proceeding with the objective."

After destroying all the evidence.

(One of the male characters):

  • BELTWAY: "Hey Command! We got us a little Bar-B-Q goin' here. Heh, heh."
  • VECTOR: "Command, the evidenceat City Hall has been taken care of."
  • SPECTRE: "Command. The evidence...has been destroyed."

The objective changes: "Exit City Hall"

(One of the male characters answers):

  • VECTOR: "Mission accomplished! Now let's get out of here."
  • BELTWAY: "Let's fucking get out of here, before those things escape."
  • SPECTRE: "Let's go, those things won't stay in there forever."

After reaching the stage, Nicholai appears.


(One of the next characters, priority is playable one):

  • LUPO: "Nicholai! What the bloody hell are you doing? Why did you sacrifice your team?"
  • BELTWAY: "Shit! What the hell wrong with you Nicholai? Why did you off your whole damn team?"
  • VECTOR: "NIcholai! What is the meaning of this!? ...And why did you kill your team!?"

Nicholai answers:

  • Nicholai Ginovaef: "Hahaha, they served their purpose most excellently. ...Just as YOU will!"

Nicholai shoots to the Delta team, but misses and attracts the lickers to their side.

(The same character as before):

  • LUPO: "Nicholai! Stop!"
  • BELTWAY: "God damn it, Nicholai! Get back here!"
  • VECTOR: "Nicholai! Hold your position!"


The objective changes: "Escape City Hall"

The secondary objective changes: "Find a Black Keycard to Exit City Hall"

After exiting the stage.

(One of the next characters, priority is playable one):

  • BELTWAY: "The next time we run into Nicholai, I suggest we take that asshole out."
  • VECTOR: "If Nicholai crosses paths with us again, he'll regret it."
  • BERTHA: "If we happen to see Nicholai again, we should make sure that he is taught a lesson."

Exiting the City Hall.

  • USS Command: "Alright. Get it together if you want to be extracted. Don't forget that you caused all of this. In the meantime, we'll look into that UBCS operative...Nicholai."

Level ends.



Dropped by enemies:

Found during the mission: