Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Courtyard as it appears in the Resident Evil remake.

The courtyard of the Spencer Mansion was, like the rest of the grounds, part of the facade to hide the underground Arklay Laboratory. The courtyard outwardly resembled an ostentatious garden linking the mansion, proper to a dormitory for servants, and a nearby cemetery. Through a secret tunnel hidden on the other side of a waterfall, there was a secret network of tunnels used for research prior to the completion of the Arklay Laboratory's construction. An underground river channel allowed the dumping of waste material without the need for external refuse collection.


  1. Cabin (小屋)
  2. Cabin Slope (小屋の坂道)
  3. Courtyard Fountain
  4. Cemetery (墓地)
  5. Cemetery slope (墓地への坂道)
  6. Main Garden
  7. Garden with a waterfall (滝のある庭園)
  1. Boulder Passage 2
  2. Break Room
  3. Way to the floodgate (水門への道)
  4. Way to the dormitory (寄宿舎への道)
  5. Entrance Passage
  6. T-shaped passage (T字型通路)
  7. Passage With a Trap (トラップのある通路)
  8. Underground warehouse (地下倉庫)
  9. Underground Statue Room
  10. Generator (発電機)
  11. Passage to the break room (休憩室への通路)
  12. South Passage
  1. Labyrinth Tunnel (迷路坑道)
  2. Materials Storage (資材置き場)
  3. Underground Confinement Room (地下監禁室)
  4. Waste Treatment Plant (廃棄処理場)




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