The Cemetery is an area of the Courtyard in Resident Evil. This area is not accessible in the original 1996 Resident Evil.


There were many graves around the area, most of them were covered by the grass. The two graves with the large gravestone located at the middle overshadowed the rest, with small fences built around them.


The crows here will react badly to running, so you must keep walking. Halfway to the other side, take the detour to the two Gravestones. Place the Wind Crest on the right tombstone for it to reveal the Sun, Moon and Star Crests. Pressing the button on the back of each crest will show an indentation that will fit into the Tombstone on the left. After all three are placed in their correct places, the left Tombstone will reveal a Colt Python Magnum.

Two zombies will be found here after returning from the Underground Confinement Room; one near the gate to the cabin slope and the other near the two large tombstones.



Location Localization Original Script
The large grave on the left There's something carved into the indentation. Two vertical lines, a cross, and three horizontal lines... Could it be some kind of symbol?
The large grave on the right

There's something written in this indentation:

"When the wind sweeps across the earth, stars will shine in the heavens"

The large grave on the left (After all crest are placed)

Crest(s) are fitted.

(After rotating) A gun has been placed neatly inside.

(After taking the gun) There's nothing else.

The large grave on the right (After all crest are obtained) There's nothing else.




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