The Cemetery Path is an area of the Courtyard in Resident Evil which leads to the Cemetery . The path is not featured in the original 1996 version


One of the Guard Dog Statues found in the Cemetery Path.

The Cemetery Path is an outside passage that lead towards the Cemetery gate. Two statues are placed one each side of the path. There are two signposts that were placed separately on this passage which, if positioned correctly, will open the Cemetery gate.


To unlocked the Cemetery gate, the two signposts that are placed separated around the path must be rotated to the right direction. The two statues will also rotate automatically when each signposts are rotated:

  • Red signpost - Turn to West (Path of Revenge)
  • Blue signpost - Turn to North (Valley of Destruction)

On the end two statues of dogs have to be turned back to each other to solve the puzzle.

In Chris's scenario, if the player managed to get the Radio from Richard Aiken, a scene will play where Captain Wesker will call in, giving a garbled warning about a monster in chains located at the Cabin inside the woods.

Alternatively, in Jill's scenario, if the player got the radio, they will hear a garbled warning about the monster from Barry.



Location Localization Original Script
Main signpost

It seems to be some kind of signpost. Each direction is accompanied by a corresponding destination.

North: Valley of Destruction

South: Cave of Hatred

East: Summit of Madness

West: Path of Revenge

The red signpost (For the red eyes statue) There's switch here. Press it? Yes/No
The blue signpost (For the blue eyes statue) There's switch here. Press it? Yes/No
The small direction signpost A signpost. It points the way to several destinations.
The statue with red eyes A statue with red eyes. The inscription reads: "The War Cry of Revenge"
The statue with blue eyes A statue with blue eyes. The inscription reads: "The Last Gasps of Destruction"
The inscription of the gate "The gate will open when the guard dog's desired are fulfilled.




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