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The Cowboy shotgun is a weapon that is featured in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. It is present in a bonus weapon pack for those who preorder the game from Amazon or purchase the special edition of the game. This weapon is now available via DLC in the Renegade weapons pack.


When compared to the other shotguns, the Cowboy Shotgun has the highest firepower and the best blood frenzy, but also the lowest range and, due to the fact that the weapon is double-barreled and break action, it has the smallest capacity and the lowest amount of spare ammunition: two rounds in the magazine, 20 spare rounds initially and 30 rounds maximum.


"Go back to the Wild West with this double-barreled shotgun. Squeezing the trigger rapudly ejects two rounds to ensure that your enemy is left in the dust."
— In Game Description
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