Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles all cutscenes - Credits and Epilogue

Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles all cutscenes - Credits and Epilogue

Credits and Epilogue

The Credits and Epilogue is the ending cutscene that plays after the completion of the last Act of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

News Reporter: "According to the latest reports, Umbrella has been found guilty on all charges of crimes related to the Raccoon City incident five years ago. The prosecution has remained quiet on how they acquired proof of Umbrella's involvement, and the defence plans to appeal the decision on the grounds that the evidence is not admissible in court. The Russian Ministry of the Interior has agreed to cooperate with the FBI in finding the whereabouts of Oswald E. Spencer. Mr. Spencer has been determined to have played a large part in the biohazard that contaminated Raccoon City. An anonymous witness close to the suspect was invaluable in providing evidence about Mr. Spencer's involvement."

Albert Wesker: "My dear, Spencer."
"How the mighty have fallen. Your Umbrella has folded and now you are a fugitive in the same world you once sought to control."
Computer Voice: "Welcome to the Umbrella Archives. Please select the desired service from the menu."
Wesker: "We shall meet again before the conclusion of this drama. Then you will learn of the history..."
"I will write for this world."

News Reporter: 「……これにより、 ラクーン・シティでの事故から5年を経ら今」
「なお検察側は、 今回新たに得た物的証拠について入手経路の詳細を明らかにしておらず」
「ロシア内務省は、 合衆国FBIの依頼を受け、」

Albert Wesker: 「スペンサーよ…」
「破れた傘は、 もう貴様を守らないせいぜい逃げ回ることだ」
Computer Voice: 「アンブレラ・アーカイブへようこそ」
Wesker: 「いずれ会い、 話そう」


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