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Further notes
  • In the remake, there are a few zombies that will never become Crimson Heads, no matter how they are dispatched. These are Forest Speyer, the two zombies found in the graveyards (the one located behind the entrance hall and the cemetery where a player gets the Magnum), and the B.O.W. Zombies found in the lab, the latter of which were never intended by Umbrella to go through this process, anyway.
  • Encounters with a Crimson Head are seemingly inevitable on at least two occasions: the first being that one is located on the second floor of the mansion (which does not become active until the player retrieves the imitation of the Armor Key or attempts to set it on fire before retrieving the key), and the second being the Crimson Head Prototype 1.
  • It is unknown if creatures (i.e. dogs, crows) other than human infected could be affected by the V-ACT process.
  • If done in the right time, Crimson Heads can be used to stun Forest as they miss a slash after running towards the player. This attack will not detonate Forest's grenades.