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The Crocodice, otherwise known as the "giant crocodile god" (巨鱷神) or the "divine crocodile" (鱷神), was a B.O.W. developed by the Umbrella Group.


The Crocodice was a crocodilian-based B.O.W. engineered by Umbrella from a laboratory specimen. It grew to a larger size as a result of G-bacterial infection.[excerpt 1]

The creature was first seen by Claire and Sherry in the city's sewers, initially as a shadow in the pool. It soon after made its self known in front of the two, provoking the attention of the zombie horde, hungry for a large meal. The creatures, so low in intelligence, simply walked into the crocodice's open mouth in search of its innards.

It then turned its attentions on Sherry and Claire, hampered only by the sudden appearance of an Archer Mech crashing through the ceiling. The two prepared to a powerful dual, with the crocidice attempting to crush the B.O.W. between its jaws. The Archer Mech moved out, though was bitten on the leg. The B.O.W. used its powerful hands to raise up the crocidice's upper jaw, ripping it off and killing the animal. The crocodice's body then hit the water at such great force that it knocked the two human survivors off their feet.


The G-bacteria helped the Crocodice grow to over 12 meters in length, with a mass of other 3,000 lb. Crocodiles themselves are not native to the American midwest, with their only foothold on the North American continent being the Mexican coast and southern Florida.




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