Crocodiles are encountered in the marshlands near Kijuju by BSAA partners Sheva Alomar and Chris Redfield. They dwell in waist-deep water and are capable of killing either of them with a single bite. They can be killed, although they only surface when prey is nearby, and there are about ten of them in the first area you encounter them, making it wiser and more prudent to simply run past them. They are very large, roughly fifteen to twenty feet long.

It is interesting to note that if the player is with an AI partner, the crocodiles and AI will mutually ignore one another.

During the initial cutscene of the Execution Grounds, Ndipaya appear to feed a crocodile an agent. Also, if the Majini fall into the water after being shot, the crocodiles will surface and devour them as well.

Judging by the animals' size, all the crocodiles encountered are probably Nile crocodiles, and are most likely all male.


Crocodiles are first encountered in the marshlands area where they dwell the waters surrounding a small fort at the east edge of the map. Around eight of them appear and will follow the player if they get too close, making it hard but not impossible to get past all of them. An extra crocodile will also appear when you return from the fort near the ramp leading to the airboat.

They are also encountered in the execution grounds as you ride a raft towards a locked door but cannot be killed as you only dodge their attacks.


  • Bite: This is the only attack they have, but it's an instant death attack. The croc pulls Chris/Sheva to the water, and with the extreme bite force, they die in an instant.


Players new to the game should avoid combat with these creatures and instead should run past them, as they are resilient against firearms. Should the player decide to engage them in combat, using a rifle, grenade or upgraded shotgun and maintaining distance is a viable option. If the player wishes to avoid combat, the player should look for an open space, avoiding their kill zone.

Further Notes

  • After killing a crocodile if you listen closely, you can hear bubbling sounds usually made by Plagas infected enemies that are killed. Despite this fact it is possible that the crocodiles aren't infected with Las Plagas since crocodiles of this size do exist.


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