The Crossbowis a weapon featured in Resident Evil 6. It is Ada Wong's starting weapon alongside the Ammo Box 50 in her campaign.


The Crossbow functions a bit differently than it's earlier releases counterparts. While it serves as a weapon for Ada, it is also a puzzle solver at certain parts. The Crossbow utilizes two types of arrows; Normal Arrows and Pipe Bomb Arrows. With the Normal Arrows equipped, it is silent and deadly if used correctly. While it inflicts less damage when shot to the torso, it instantly decapitates and kills the enemy when shot in the head. It also pins them to the wall or ground when shot to the torso. These type of arrows are common in availability.

The Pipe Bomb Arrows also act like the Normal Arrows, albeit having the ability to explode within seconds. It is essentially useful for killing either groups of enemies or stronger ones. While weaker enemies tend to get pinned when shot, stronger enemies will still continue approaching the player. The Pipe Bombs are weaker in impact power and do not push the enemy back. The player needs to be careful when using these type of arrows as they can also harm the player as well. While the Normal Arrows are common, these type of arrows are slightly scarce and harder to find. Both of these arrows need to be reloaded after each shot. However, performing a quick shot with the crossbow will reload the arrow automatically.

Additionally, Ada's evasive movements will change when she equips this weapon. While she no longer dives to either side, she will instead cartwheel to the left or right. She also does a backwards cartwheel rather than falling on her back, but will still be able to dive forward. Ada performs a backflip when she does a quick shot with the Crossbow. Some of these moves are quite risky, and three of them end up having Ada still standing rather than lying on her back to which some attacks may hit her, particularly the mutated Deborah's appendage swing.

Ada also uses this weapon in the multiplayer modes The Mercenaries, Predator, Survivors, Onslaught, and Siege as part of her main load out for her default costume. She uses it in her load out for Costume 1, 2, and 3 in Predator, Survivors, and Siege as well.

Sherry Birkin also uses the Crossbow as part of her load out for Costume 1, 2, and 3 in Predator, Survivors, and Siege. In addition, she performs the same animations as Ada when using this unique weapon, such as cartwheeling and backflipping.


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