"A crowbar picked up on the ship. It can be used as a makeshift weapon."
— Inventory Description

The Crowbar (バール bāru?) is a weapon item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The Crowbar is only accessible if the player chooses to cure Zoe Baker after the fight with Jack in the Boat House. It is located on Wrecked Ship S2 in the No. 2 Engine Room on the floor, the same room where the player returns to controlling Ethan after the scene where Mia Winters rescues him from Eveline. Because the player will have no items in their inventory, they must use it to defeat Mia.

The Crow functions similarly to the Axe. The fire button will do quick short swings and holding aim then fire will do a slower longer swing.

When Mia is defeated, the Crowbar will disappear from Ethan's inventory, as the Crowbar was destroyed when Mia broke apart.



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