"A well—polished crystal. It contains a card inside. I could obtain the card if I crack it."
— Item examination

The Crystal is a key item obtainable in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


Claire collects this item close to the end of the game. Inside the crystal is the Security Card, eventually gained by Chris, which is used to active the self-destruct system with the code: Veronica. While it is only a crystal ball, likely made of glass (which could easily be thrown against a wall, shot, or otherwise smashed), Claire must place the item beneath a stone slab (which crashes into the floor every 10 seconds or so). The slab shatters the crystal and allows Claire to retrieve the card. This one simple task is, however, painfully difficult due to the slab killing instantly should Claire not retrieve it within such a tiny space of time. There is no other way to smash the orb, no way to achieve the card otherwise, and MUST be done as the card is plot essential.



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